OK, Here we go..... I think it only fair to start with this photo as this trip to Tokyo, and the inspiration of these two guys with me in the photo, really kicked off my interest in exploring food, photographing said eats, and sharing/explaining my impressions of my experiences. So, to you David Chang and Anthony Bourdain, Cheers, and thanks. As I begin I think it only fair to explain a bit of what my purpose with this blog is. As you know, I do not participate in Facebook, and I wont go into why here, but I NEEDED a vehicle to communicate and connect with those in my life, both near and far. As the name implies, this will primarily be a blog about pizza. However, as this is mine, I will feel free to do and say as I damn well please, as it pleases me. So I hope to not offend or tiptoe too far over the line of appropriateness, but if I do, that's just too fucken bad. Enjoy. Pizza, food, life experiences, thoughts, feelings, rants, and more food. This is what you will find here. Please feel free to share and pass along to anyone you think might have an interest, as I hope you will as well. Sincerely yours, DVA

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tribute Pizza, San Diego, Father's Day 2013

I'm quite a tardy man with the scribing of this post.  Alas, I am a busy one these days.
But tardy as it might be, it is now upon us.  

Read it for sure, enjoy it I hope

I really am having a tough time figuring out where to start this one.  The day was amazing, the surprise was awesome, the pizza was more than delicious.  I guess we'll start there.

Father's Day, 2013

My daughters son in-law came over to spend some time with me in the afternoon and share a meal.  I was told none of the details, not that it was presented as a surprise, I was just told not to ask, that everything was taken care of, chill, enjoy the company, food would happen when it happened.  So we chatted, opened cards, and I was getting hungry, ready to eat.

The next thing I know a dude rolled to the door of my apartment with 3 pizza boxes and a big smile

You've probably already picked up on two things.  

One, this guy kicks ass.  

Two, these photos are going to suck.

I simply wasn't prepared, didn't know that this was going to go down.  I grabbed my phone and shot what I could, and I missed a lot.  So enjoy this half-assed post and try to glean what you can from it, knowing that this was some of the best pizza I have ever eaten, anywhere, anyhow.

Tribute Pizza

it isn't the greatest and best pizza in the world, just a Tribute

Already this is great.  Jack Black quote????  Hell to the yes!

This guy, I think his name is Matthew, but I'm not sure, loves pizza.  Everything about pizza. There is no restaurant, no way to go and enjoy it when you want.  He performs "pop-up" events and you can also order through his website, but not at the moment you want the pie.  This is special event pizza, planning ahead pizza, days in advance, from what I gather.  All I know is the dude rolled in with pizzas he made in a commercial kitchen in North Park and finished them in my kitchen.  They were already cooked, he just finished them with olive oil, parmesan cheese, etc., whatever.  

Now, sit back and enjoy the terribly blurry photos and no explanation of the toppings

Lame, I know, what can I say?

Three pies.  From near to far, a margherita type, then an arugula and white type, then a hard salami thicker rectangle type,
(this one was the favorite.  All were super delicious, this one was just a bit more wowzer)

awkward photo, sorry dude

And then, like a ninja, he was gone

I MISS YOU (and your pie) PIZZA DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  COME BACK SOON!!!!!!

I love this guy, his deal, his pizza.  I want to eat it every day.  The crust was sent from heaven.  A pure work of art.  Soft on the inside and perfectly crisp on the outside, and not too much of either.  Simply perfect.  A master craftsman.  

If you'd like to enjoy the best pizza availabe anywhere in the world, and it's right here in San Diego!!!!!!  then check out the website and EAT THIS PIE!!!!!!!

My crew, they are awesome too.  Thanks guys, a great day for sure

A very happy Father's Day 2013

P.S.  A big hi to Casey and Lauren too!  You guys are awesome and we all miss you here in San Diego.  Come out soon!!!!!!!!

Lots of love to everyone

Dad out


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  1. The service was great! My pizza was cooked quickly, and the sauce and crust were delicious.

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